Why Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction? Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Explains The Reasons

Why Do I Have Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction has become a real problem in the modern world. This dysfunction does not allow man to live a full-fledged sexual life and reduces the quality of sexual contacts. In healthy men, sexual excitement is always accompanied by erection, in other words, the penis increases in size, becomes rigid and elastic. If sexual excitement is not accompanied by erection or erection is weak, and such a violation is observed for half a year, a patient is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is painfully experienced by both sex partners, especially by the man.

Sexual failures that occur due to weak erection can cause a constant tension, uncertainty, a sharp decline in self-esteem, fear, a sense of guilt and aggression.

If a man does not get timely and qualified help, erectile dysfunction can cause the development of the inferiority complex.

Erectile dysfunction is dangerous

Sometimes men wonder “Why do I have erectile dysfunction?” There can be many reasons: a usual nervous breakdown or serious problems in the sexual sphere. If erectile problems become permanent, the man starts to panic and does not know what to do. According to Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy statistics, approximately 40% of the male population have sexual problems, and weak erection takes the first place.

Problems in sexual life associated with weak erection are the cause of most suicides. Strong sex is often shy and can’t admit their sexual difficulties and does not seek qualified help. Most men, as a rule, are extremely worried. Some men engage in the self-treatment, buy “miraculous” teas, herbs, pills and other erectile dysfunction remedies that are supposed to restore and increase male power. Such an approach is fundamentally wrong. If a weak erection is observed for more than a month, it is important not to engage in self-treatment, but urgently consult a qualified specialist.

Only the urologist-andrologist will be able to correctly diagnose the disease, help to find out why the weak erection has become your companion, and determine its causes. A man needs to understand that it’s important to find out the cause of weak erection in time. Erectile dysfunction treatment options depend on the correct diagnosis. Only timely erectile dysfunction treatment will solve your problem and prevent impotence.

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Causes of erectile dysfunction

Why erectile dysfunction happens? According to Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy , weak erection can occur for the following organic reasons:

1. Violation of blood outflow from cavernous bodies;
2. Atherosclerotic processes in the arteries, that are responsible for the blood flow to the penis;
3. Injury or damage to the organs of the pelvis, the penis, the nervous tract, the vessels, resulting in weak erection or its complete absence;
4. Pathological deviations in the genital organs of a man (curved form of the penis, anomalies in the anatomical structure of the genitals, etc.);
5. Neurological diseases (epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.);
6. Disturbed endocrine system as a result of failure of the hormonal system (hypogonadism, tumors in the pituitary gland);
7. Medicinal effect (prolonged use of a large number of drugs that reduce potency);
8. Toxic influence (alcoholism, drug addiction);
9. Erectile dysfunction psychological causes (nervous breakdowns, depressions, neuroses).

In the modern world, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male sexual disorders.

The main causes of weak erection are psychological and are usually studied in the first place. As practice has shown, in most cases erectile dysfunction occurs due to psychological problems, namely because of:

  • Poor health and stress at work;
  • Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner, the mismatch of the sex habits;
  • Fear of unplanned pregnancy or fear of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Long abstinence from sex;
  • Lack of attraction to the partner.

Somatic diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, smoking, obesity) can also affect erection. There is a difference between psychological erectile dysfunction and organic erectile dysfunction. With organic causes, man has the desire for sexual partner, nocturnal and morning erections, normal ejaculation, but erection may disappear during sex. If the problem is psychological, erectile dysfunction may occur suddenly, while sexual desire for the sexual partner disappears, and night and morning erections are preserved.

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Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

If a man has weak erection periodically and he is sure that the reason is purely psychological, he can try to eliminate it on his own. First of all, try to improve a relationship with your partner and give up bad habits. If erection is still weak and there are no positive changes, it is necessary to undergo an examination. Since the problem of erectile dysfunction requires an integrated approach, the urologist should conduct the following studies:

  • Dopplerographic and ultrasound examination of arterial and venous vessels of the genital organs and pelvic organs;
  • Laboratory microscopic examination of the prostate gland and blood, checking the level of hormones and sugar;
  • Testing with drugs that cause artificial erection (to detect vascular disorders).

Patient’s examination is carried out with the help of special medical equipment, which helps to reveal various deviations, defects of the penis and so on.

Only a comprehensive andrological examination allows the urologist to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis, prescribe the necessary therapeutic erectile dysfunction treatment and monitor its positive dynamics.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

How To Restore Potency

After careful diagnosis and confirming the causes of erectile dysfunction, the urologist prescribes a specific method of treatment. Depending on the diagnosis and severity, the doctor may prescribe psychotherapeutic treatment, physioprocesses (prostate massage, treatment with negative pressure), erectile dysfunction medications or surgical intervention.

Conservative treatment is based on an invasive and non-invasive method. In these cases, erectile dysfunction drugs are prescribed, the dosage of which is selected specifically for the patient based on the features of his physiology, age, etc. One of the popular methods of treatment of weak erection is vacuum constrictor therapy with the use of special pumps and rubber rings. Patients are given individual instructions for their use in order to safely and effectively recover erection using a pump.

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Surgery is only used if the patient has injuries or other vascular disorders. The most recent erectile dysfunction treatment option is penis implantation or phalloprosthesis. This method of treatment is used when none of the above methods give positive results.

So, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy reviewed why why erectile dysfunction happens and how to increase potency. Of course, this problem is serious enough, but solvable. In order to improve your sexual and family relationships, you should not despair and seek help from a qualified specialist.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

To keep your masculine power, energy and attraction as long as possible, follow the basic advice given by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy:

  1. Follow hygiene procedures of the genital organs;
  2. Have sex regularly (at least 2 times a week), preferably with a regular partner;
  3. Avoid casual sexual intercourse;
  4. Use the means of protection (condom);
  5. Take a doctor’s examination 2 times a year;
  6. Men over 40 should carefully monitor nutrition regimen, motor activity, blood pressure and cholesterol;
  7. Take a contrast shower, walk more barefoot;
  8. Treat sex failures calmly, this phenomenon is temporary, and stresses will only aggravate the problem;
  9. Treat sexually transmitted diseases in time. Chronic sexually transmitted diseases are very dangerous.

Men over the age of 40 should quit bad habits, maintain the right lifestyle and more rest in the fresh air.