How To Increase Potency? Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Reveals the Truth

How To Increase Potency

Nowadays, many men have erectile problems and ejaculation disorders. Some of them immediately contact a doctor.

Such men do the right thing, because only the doctor knows how to restore potency and ejaculation.

If you do not contact the doctor, you can get complete disharmony in relations with the women and get a huge number of complexes. Today, erection restoration involves the use of proven drugs that boost testosterone and help return male strength.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erection is the filling of the cavities of the penis with blood, after which a man can engage in sexual intercourse with a woman. If erection is poor, the penis gets the insufficient amount of blood, therefore, the man can not fully perform sexual intercourse. Most people think that erectile problems are associated with age, but this is not the case. Erectile dysfunction causes may be the following:

  1. Psychological trauma at any age;
  2. Pathology of vessels;
  3. Decreased testosterone level;
  4. Constant neurological disorders;
  5. Violations of the structure of the penis;
  6. Urological inflammatory diseases (for example, prostatitis);
  7. Drugs, alcoholic beverages, antidepressants;
  8. Cardiovascular problems;
  9. Violated activity of endocrine glands that contribute to hormonal failure.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy notes that age is not the main cause of erectile dysfunction, the disease is caused by a huge number of other causes. To know exactly what has resulted into a poor erection, you need to visit a doctor. He will determine the cause and prescribe the appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment. Therefore, it is important to conduct a comprehensive survey.

What are the types of erectile dysfunction?

Bad erection is subdivided into several types. The first type is primary erectile dysfunction. In this case, a man can not get a complete erection, as a result of which the sexual intercourse will not be completed. The second type is secondary erectile dysfunction, when a man can reach erection from time to time. Sometimes he is not able to start a sexual intercourse, and at other times he is sexually active.

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Psychological erectile dysfunction involves psychological difficulties, depression, stress, which affect normal erection. Organic erectile dysfunction is caused by any disease that impedes normal sexual activity.

Treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders are carried out with the help of timely diagnostics. Diagnostics consists of several stages. Initially, the doctor has a conversation with the patient during which he tries to find out when the disease began, at what stage it began to progress, what are the possible ED causes. Often, during a survey, male sexual partner is invited. Sometimes a doctor makes a simple questionnaire, the patient answers questions about his erectile dysfunction.

The second stage is examination of the patient. The doctor examines the genitalia for possible diseases (for example, phimosis, Peyroni’s disease, penis pathology, etc.), which may be accompanied by loss of sexual desire and, consequently, poor erection.

The complex examination also includes blood tests. The doctor draws attention to the parameters of the hormonal background and biochemistry.

How to cure erectile dysfunction? Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy guidelines

To recovery the erectile function, you should follow some general recommendations given by Canadian Pharmacy:

  1. Do not be afraid that a bad erection will end your sexual activity. Bad erection and ejaculation do not indicate the inevitable impotence. There are drugs that can help (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). Therefore, do not rely on fear;
  2. Check yourself for the presence of prostatitis. If you have it, start treatment with appropriate medications immediately;
  3. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages, quit smoking. If you refuse these bad habits, you will soon restore your erection;
  4. Exercise. It was noted that physical exercises activate blood circulation, which increases the chances of becoming an excellent lover. So take a swim, play football, walk;
  5. The obligatory point is eating healthy food. High potency food help restore erectile function and promote rapid digestion. You should include in your diet products that have the vitamins E, D, A: fatty fish, seafood, herbs;
  6. You can prevent premature ejaculation and poor erection by frequent walking barefoot – this affects the biological active points;
  7. The contrast shower is beneficial for restoring erection and ejaculation. After such shower, rub your body with a towel to intensify blood circulation.
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Erectile dysfunction drug treatment

drugs for ED


Many men wonder how to improve potency and what is best erectile dysfunction medicine. Remember, you do not have to engage in self-treatment or take medications advised by a friend. Each organism is individual. Therefore, to return a strong erection, visit a doctor. Only the physician is able to establish the cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate erectile dysfunction drug treatment.

After the doctor has identified the cause of the erectile dysfunction, he prescribes therapeutic measures, drugs that boost testosterone and other options. There are a huge number of drugs that help improve erection (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – all available in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy).

Modern medicine carries out 3 main stages of erectile dysfunction treatment:

  1. The first stage is oral drugs for erectile dysfunction. They are great for treating a mid-stage problem. Such drugs differ in the number of possible complications;
  2. The second stage is intracavernous injections. Doctors resort to this method if there are any contraindications for oral medications;
  3. The third stage is the use of substances from various groups – adaptogens, vascular, biostimulants, sedative substances and vitamin complexes.

Other ways to increase erectile strength

There are also alternative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. These methods apply only when medication did not produce the desired result. The first alternative to ED treatment is the use of vacuum. The vacuum preparations are mainly used in elderly men. The device restores the flow of blood to the penis, after which the doctor clenches the genital organ with a special ring.

Surgical intervention is the most effective way to restore erection in young men after unsuccessful medical treatment. The surgeon restores blood circulation to the genital organ. In 50-80% of cases, the result is positive, seeding is normalized.

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The last way to restore erectile function is prosthetics. This tool has a 100% result. Prostheses are made in such a way that it is not possible to determine its presence in the genital organ.

But if you do not want to expose yourself to the above ways of recovery, you can use some easy ways to keep an erection. You should lead a healthy and active way of life. Every man, regardless of age, should have constant and regular sexual activity with one sexual partner. Change of sexual partners can also affect the erectile function. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy does not advise doing large breaks in sex, however a slight abstinence from sex can increase potency.