Why Erectile Dysfunction Happens & Age and Erectile Dysfunction

Why Erectile Dysfunction Happens

Why do guys get erectile dysfunction?

If a woman is facing a serious relationship with a an older man, she is very concerned about how long he will be active in intimate life. At the same time, young women who are barely 18 or 20 years of age can quite seriously believe that those men who are already 33-35 years of age have problems with sexual activity, and there are a lot of impotents among them. The opinions that erectile dysfunction over 60 is just a myth cause bewilderment and distrust. So, why does a man have erectile dysfunction and at what age does erectile dysfunction occur? Specialists from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy know the answers to these questions.

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, may occur in a young man who is barely 25 years old, and in men who have come to a biological age. A 40-year-old man can experience a whole set of symptoms of an old man. And vice versa, some 60-year-old men who lead a healthy life have already heard of read about impotence. Sometimes families with such husbands break because of the fact that the husband is still sexually active.

What is impotence?

The term “impotence” has the Latin root, and it denotes the emergence of difficulties to get eretion during sexual intercourse or to end sexual intercourse because the penis is either not hard enough or is in a relaxed state. However, in the 21st century, this term is not so popular, because it does not describe the real male problem that arises from so-called impotence. The term is used by experts only because it is considered offensive and condemnative. Therefore, “impotence” has turned into “erectile dysfunction“, which more closely responds to the problem and reveals its essence.

So what is erectile dysfunction? This is the loss of a man’s ability to carry out a sexual intercourse. At the same time, this is the presence of all its components. At the beginning of a sexual act, with its normal course, a man experiences sexual desire, which logically and naturally leads to the fact that the penis fills with blood, it increases in volume and becomes hard. This phenomenon is called erection. After the occurrence of erection, the sexual act includes a certain number of frictional movements that end with an ejaculation. Ejaculation depends on the regulatory function of some parts of the brain.

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The normal ejaculation is accompanied by orgasm – the culminating stage of sexual intercourse, for which, in the vast majority of cases, this act begins. We can speak for a long time about the purposes of reproduction, but if every sexual act would pursue such goals, then mankind was measured not by 6-7 billion people, but by hundreds of trillions, or more. When a man and a woman have an intimate contact, they tend to get a strong sensation, a huge sense of pleasure, which is called orgasm. Its presence or absence in everyday life of a person, both men and women, strongly affects mood, state of health, mental health and general health.

So, if any of the above components is violated, due to which it is impossible to complete a full sexual intercourse, this means that the man has erectile dysfunction. One more erectile dusorder is disturbed ejaculation, for example premature ejaculation. In addition, such erectile disorders should be observed over a long period of time, not less than 3 months.

Erectile dysfunction age statistics

Different scientists and organizations conducted research on when and how men get erectile dysfunction. The most authoritative data from the World Health Organization show that after the age of 21 every 10th man suffers from erectile dysfunction. This figure increases to the age of 60, whin this type of disorder affects every third man. Even after the age of 60, two of the three men are not impotent. So what about the thirty-, forty- and fifty-year-old representatives of the strong half of humanity?

However, bear in mind that if in the first case, in the category over 21, we speak about some disorders of sexual function, and after the age of 60 every third man loses the ability to start a sexual intercourse. Studies by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy have shown that men who have reached the age of 40 but have not yet reached the age of 70 have either partial or complete inability to achieve erection in 33-35% of cases.

But all these data are very subjective. The reason is that men often do not seek help from a doctor if they experience an intimate problem such as erectile dysfunction. The World Health Organization indicates that only one out of five men whould contact a doctor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The rest will prefer self-treatment or consider it irreversible and do not do anything.

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Another study of age related erectile dysfunction was conducted in Massachusetts. The data was used with reference to a reputable source. So it has been shown that men over 40 but who have not reached the age of 70 experience erectile dysfunction in 52 cases out of 100. The studies were conducted in Boston, and 17 man out of 52 people suffered from an mild erectile dysfunction, 25 men had moderate erectle disorders, and only 10 men had a complete disorder.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunctiony does not occur suddenly. The pathology can be developing for years. In addition, erectile dysfunction can be the consequence of other diseases of the internal organs and systems of the body. For example, in atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, the penis suffers primarily because its blood vessels have the narrowest lumens. As a rule, erectile dysfunction occurs due to of a poor blood supply to the genitourinary system, so any diseases that lead to such an event, contribute to the development of impotence.

For this reason, myocardial infarction, which results in a scar, and which strongly affects the contractions of the heart muscle, also contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction. The pathology may develop due to injury to the spine, which will cause damage to the intervertebral discs. The infection of the urogenital system can become the cause of infectious diseases, which can cause impotence. But the treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system can also lead to impotence. The fact is that the composition of these drugs includes substances that reduce testosterone production in the blood. As soon as the amount of testosterone in the blood becomes poor, erectile function is disturbed.

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In addition to cardiovascular disease, when the male genital system affects, erectile dysfunction can be caused by diabetes, hyperlipidemia and diseases of the nervous system. As for the last category, doctors have long noticed the link between erectile dysfunction and stress, mental disorders, prolonged depression.

How to overcome erectile dysfunction?

how to recover potencyIf a man has a sexual disorder, then the very first thing he has to do is to contact a doctor.

Self-treatment of erectile dysfunction is strictly prohibited.

The problem is that very few representatives of the strong half of humanity agree to visit a doctor because they are embarrassed to talk about such a delicate problem to anyone, even to a doctor. Yo can imagine such a reaction, but it is impossible to understand it. They are not ashamed to suffer from this disease, but they are ashamed to tell a specialist about it. Where is the logic here?

Knowing the nature of impotence, we can come to the conclusion that you can prevent this disease in some cases. For this, you need to maintain healthy body and psyche. How to do it? Using different pills for preventive purposes will not work. You can consider it banal, but regular physical exercise and proper nutrition are the secret and effective means that will help solve this problem. This will allow you to have a healthy cardiovascular system, a strong nervous system, relieve excess weight and normalize the functioning of all systems of the body, including the urinary tract. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy also advises quitting bad habits – smoking and alcohol.